How to Accept Credit Cards with Loyverse POS and Worldpay

Loyverse POS merchants can accept credit card payments via Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) (available to customers in the USA only).

Assigning Payment Terminal

Before assigning a terminal, make sure that the terminal is turned on, connected to the internet, and is in online mode.

In the Back Office in the Settings menu, click ‘Payment Types’ and click the ‘Set Terminal’ button in the Vantiv line.

Settings menu, ‘Payment Types’, Vantiv line

In the ‘Authentication credentials’ form, enter the credentials you received from Vantiv: Merchant number and Web service password.

‘Authentication credentials’ form

Next, enter your contact details. This information will be used by Vantiv to connect your terminal.

contact details

In the next window, enter the serial number of the terminal you want to connect.

the serial number of the terminal

If your store has several POS systems, specify which POS you want to assign the payment terminal to.

POS assigning to the payment terminal

After clicking ‘Confirm’, the terminal should display the transaction in the amount of 0.01. If the notice of the transaction is displayed on the terminal, confirm the following dialog box in the Back Office and cancel the test transaction in the terminal.

Test terminal window

The terminal has successfully been assigned!

Terminal connected window

In case the transaction of 0.01 does not show in the payment terminal, click ‘No’ in the corresponding dialog box and follow the instructions on the POS screen.

Connection error window

Instructional video on how to configure the Z9 terminal to a Wifi network on Vantiv website.

Configure Tip Collection

You can configure the amount of tip to be displayed on the screen of the payment terminal.

To do this, go to the Settings menu in the Back Office, click ‘Payment Types’ and then click on the ‘Vantiv’ button.

‘Vantiv’ button at ‘Payment Types’

Vantiv payment type edit

Turn the selector ‘Collect tips’ on. Enter the desired amount ​​of tip.

You can also disable the option that allows customers to choose their tip value to something other than what's specified by you.

So you can add predefined percentage or custom tips at the Vantiv terminal during a sale.

Note: Tip Adjust option has not been implemented - you are not able to edit tips after payment.

Processing Payments


Add items to the ticket and press ‘Charge’.

Select the Vantiv payment type.

the Vantiv payment type

Loyverse POS will wait for a response from the terminal, and you will see an appropriate message on the screen.

message after response from the terminal

If you have configured the ‘Collect tips’ option, the payment terminal will allow the customer to select one of your preset values or to specify a custom tip value.

Now, the customer will be able to complete the payment using their card.

If the transaction is successful, Loyverse POS will display ‘Payment is complete’ on the screen, where you may then print the receipt, send the receipt to your email, or return to the main screen.

In case of an error in the transaction, Loyverse POS will display an error message and print the receipt for the canceled transaction.

an error message


You can refund the ticket fully or partially. Vantiv payment occurs as a refund of the receipt, paid in cash. The terminal is not used in the refund process.


You can view the total number of transactions performed with the Vantiv payment type. In the Back Office, select the ‘Sales by payment type’ report.

Vantiv receipt at ‘Sales by payment type’ report


When you export the report, you can see the total amount of tip for the Vantiv payment type.

You can also see the amount of tip, for each employee, in the Sales by Employee report.

Tips at Sales by Employee report

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