How to Add Barcodes to Items

Loyverse POS works with barcodes supported by your barcode scanner.

1. How to add item barcode in the back office

Go to ‘Item list’ menu. Find your item and open it.

‘Item list’ menu

Find a barcode on your item and enter it into the Barcode field.

field ‘Barcode’

You can avoid manual entry by connecting a barcode scanner to your PC or tablet and simply scanning codes in. Click the Barcode field and then scan the code from the item.

Note: Before scanning the barcode by scanner, make sure to activate the Barcode field by clicking on it.

You can also add barcodes by using file import feature. Enter barcodes into the Barcode column, save the file and proceed to import.

the column ‘Barcode’

2. How to add barcodes using Loyverse POS app

Tap the ☰ menu button in the top left corner, then tap 'Items'.

‘Items’ button

Open the item you want the barcode added to and key in or scan the barcode into the Barcode field.

the field ‘Barcode’

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