How to Scan Barcodes with Embedded Weight


The option allows you to scan barcodes containing the item SKU and its weight. When scanning such a barcode, the item is automatically added to the receipt with the indicated weight (quantity). The system allows the use of weighted barcodes in the following formats: EAN 13 and UPC-A.

To use this feature, log in to your Back Office, click on the Settings icon on the left menu bar to go to the System settings. 
In the ‘Features’ section, switch on the parameter for ‘Barcodes with embedded weight’.  Click the ‘Save’ button.

parameter Barcodes with embedded weight

At your POS, you can sell items by scan barcodes with embedded weight using the device camera or barcode scanner. 

Barcodes with embedded weight format should follow the pattern:
YY - prefix, by which the system determines that it is a weight embedded barcode. It must be “20” or “02” for EAN 13 and “2” for UPC-A.
CCCCC - item SKU (note that it has to be programmed as five digits, for example "10010" or "00010").
WWWWW - weight (quantity) of item in grams. For example "01750" = 1.750kg
X - barcode checksum

Samples of barcodes with embedded weight

EAN 13

EAN 13 barcode with embedded weight


UPC-A barcode with embedded weight

Note: Items should have the 'sold by weight' option on. Otherwise, you will receive an error message when scanning barcodes with embedded weight.

sold by weight option


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