How to Sell Items by Weight

Whether an item is sold by piece (bottle, pack, etc.) or by weight (pound, kilogram, etc.) is determined by the ‘Sold by’ option found in the item description. You can change this option both in the back-office and Loyverse POS app.

Log in to the back-office, go to Item list and click on the item you want to be sold by weight.

sold by weight

In the Loyverse POS app, go to Item list and tap the item to see the ‘Edit item’ screen.

Weight selection at Sold by option

In both cases, set the Sold by option to Weight. Enter item price per one unit of weight, such as kilogram, pound etc. Save your edits.

When you sell such item, a number pad will appear on the screen. Enter actual weight of the item and tap ‘OK’.

 number pad

The item will be added to the ticket with the price shown as price for a unit of weight multiplied by actual weight.

the ticket with the item price


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