How to Make Sales

Launch your Loyverse POS app and go to the 'Sales' screen.

'Sales' menu

Tap on the item's image or icon on the sales screen. You can also use the search bar to look up items, or find them from their category. Bestselling items can be marked as favorites.

sales screen

You can change the quantity of the items by tapping the selected item, when it is in the receipt.

changing quantity of the items

By sliding any selected item to the right you can remove the item from the receipt.

removing item from the receipt

When you need to void a sale, click the trash icon at the receipt header. Tap the ‘Clear’ button in the dialog window.

voiding sale

 ‘Clear’ button

Tap the ‘Charge’ button at the right bottom to proceed to the sale registration.

‘Charge’ button


At the following dialog window, you can choose a type of payment for purchase.

dialog window for choosing a type of payment for purchase

If you receive cash as the type of payment, you can tap on the amount of sale field to enter the precise amount of cash received from the customer and then tap ‘Charge’.

amount of sale field

Once the payment is processed, you will see a ‘Transaction successful’ window with a summary containing the total amount of sale, received amount of cash and the change due.

‘Transaction successful’ window

You can choose to email the receipt to your customer or move on to the new sale.


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