How to Arrange Sale Screen in Loyverse POS


1. Organizing of Items
2. Organizing Pages


You can arrange your items on the sales screen of Loyverse POS (Android, iOS) in a suitable way by creating new custom pages and organizing the items there.

As a default, there is a page (marked by the grid icon) with all your items in alphabetical order. You cannot change this page. However, you can organize the items on the custom pages.

Organizing of Items

Open the sales screen on your POS. Go to the custom page ‘Page 1’.

Sales screen  Sorting,Sort


You will see a grid with empty squares. Tap and hold any square for a few seconds.

grid with empty squares


The screen will switch to the ‘Item layout setup’ mode. Tap any square containing the + sign.

 ‘Item layout setup’ mode of the screen

The item list will open on a new screen.

The item list

When you choose an item, it will fill the square.

the square filled with item
By dragging and dropping the item icon, you can move it to another square.

movin the item to another square

In the same way, you can add Categories and Discounts to the grid page.

adding Items, Categories and Discounts to the grid page


Organizing Pages

When you are in the setup mode, you can change the name of the page. Just tap and hold the page label for a few seconds.

the page label

The editing screen will open. Fill in the ‘Page name’ field and tap ‘Save’.

editing screen of the ‘Page name’

If you want to create another page, you can do it in the same way by tapping the next free page.

tapping the next free page

Tap ‘Done’ to save your layout. Pages without items will not be saved.  

‘Done’ button

You will then be redirected to the sales screen. Just tap the items to add them to the ticket.

the sales screen


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