Receipts List in the POS


You can go to the receipts list by tapping the ‘Receipts’ button in the POS menu.

‘Receipts   recipe’ button

The receipts from all POS of the same store will be displayed in the list. If you want to refresh the receipts list, just swipe it down.
Non-synchronized receipts (that are made during the time when there was no Internet connection) will say ‘Unsynced’.

Non-synchronized receipts

If the employee has been disabled the option ‘View all receipts’ (access rights in the Back office), he/she can view only the last 5 receipts.

Tap on the receipt in the list to see its details.

Receipt details


To make a refund, tap the ‘Refund’ button.

‘Refund’ button


There are additional actions you can do with the selected receipt under the three dots menu (⋮) at the upper right-hand corner: ‘Print receipt’ (if you have connected the receipt printer) and ‘Send receipt’ by email.

the three dots menu

If you choose to ‘Send receipt’, you have to enter the email of the recipient in the pop-up form and tap ‘Send’.

‘Email receipt’ form


The system does not allow you to make a refund in the absence of Internet connection. The "Refund" button will be inactive.
If you email a receipt when the device is offline, it will be sent after the restoration of the Internet connection.
There will be no search field when you are in offline mode.


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