Information about the Customer and Comments in the Receipt

These settings only affect the display of information on the receipts for the clients, such as printed receipts, email receipts, and do not affect the format of receipts in the archive in POS and in the Back Office, where customer information and notes are always displayed.

Go to the ‘Receipt’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu in the Back Office.

‘Receipt’ section

In the Receipt settings, switch on the ‘Show customer info’ option if you want to display the information of your registered customers on the receipts.

Switch on ‘Show comments’ option if you want to display the comments of the items and the ticket on the receipts.

‘Show notes’ option

Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

If you have several stores, you have to make these settings for each store by selecting the store’s name from the drop-down list and saving changes.

select the store from drop-down list

Now, during the sale, when you register a new customer or assign a ticket to an existing customer, the customer's name and number will be printed on the receipt.

adding customer to ticket

You can add comments to the open ticket by tapping on the ‘Edit ticket’ button under the menu (⋮).

Edit ticket in the menu

Type in the comment on the pop-up window and tap ‘Save’.

Comment to the ticket

To add a comment to the item, click on the item in the ticket. Fill in the comment field in the pop-up window and tap ‘Save’.

The comment to the item

The Information about the customer (Name, Address and Phone number) and notes (comments to the open ticket and comments to the items) will appear on the receipt.

Information and notes on the receipt


Item and ticket comments will also be displayed on the refund receipt. 


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