How to Sign Up a Customer in Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS app provides you with the possibility of connecting sale records with customers. It allows you to send receipts to customers via e-mail. If you have already set up the loyalty program, you can give bonus points to registered customers for every purchase, to be redeemed for discounts.

When making sales in the Loyverse POS app, you can sign up a new customer.

The simplest way is to click the ‘Add’ button on the top right corner of the page.

 ‘Add’ button on the sales screen

The window with a form will open.

The window with a form

Enter your customer's name, email address and/or number and a simple note about the customer. Your customer will receive an email with the link, to the Loyalty Ocean app download.

If your customer has a Loyalty Ocean app installed on the smartphone, you can easily add this customer by scanning his/her QR code.
To do this, tap the ‘Scan’ button to activate the rear-facing camera of your mobile device.

‘Scan’ button at the sales window

Then, point the camera at your customer’s QR code opened on the Loyalty Ocean app.

QR code opened on the Loyalty Ocean app

After scanning the code, your customer will be signed up with his/her e-mail automatically, and customer information will show at the top of the ticket. You can check the customer’s information by tapping on the customer icon.

customer information at the top of the ticket

You can add additional information about your customer in the customer form by tapping the edit button.

information about your customer

After the customer is signed up, proceed your sales as usual.
Then in the final ‘Transaction is successful’ window, you will see a notice that the receipt was sent to the customer via e-mail. If your customer has a Loyalty Ocean app, he/she will receive the receipt in the app, as well.

‘Transaction is successful’ window

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