Customer Identification by Number

If you have specified customer’s number when you sign up a customer in Loyverse POS, you can identify your customer by number during a sale.

Note: For customer registration, it may be enough to fill one of the fields 'Name', 'Number' or 'Email'. But sometimes customer's name is not unique. If you create multiple clients with the same name, to find the necessary one out of them will be tough. Therefore we recommend for you to fill in the fields 'Number' or 'Email' as well.
The number can be any combination of numbers that is easy to memorize for the client.

 Customer identification by number


During a sale, simply press the 'SEARCH' in the upper right corner of the screen.

Customer search

Start typing the number assigned to the client you wish to find.

 Customer identification by number


The number can be assigned not only to new customers but also for clients created earlier. For this, find the card of the needed customer and edit it by specifying the number.

 Customer identification by number

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