How to sell liquids

There are two approaches to sell liquids with Loyverse POS.

1. Through selling by weight option

Open your liquid item for editing at the back office or Loyverse POS app. Assign the ‘Sold by’ option to ‘Weight’ (How to Sell Items by Weight).
Enter item price per one liquid measure, for example per one liter (you may indicate measure in the name of the item, for instance, 'Bier, L'). Save your edits.

edit liquid item

Now, during a sale of such item, a number pad will appear on the screen. Enter proportion of a liter for the item and tap ‘OK’.
For example, you sell 500 ml of the liquid item and your measure is a liter. Then you tap 0.5 in the Quantity field.

Quantity field

Then, your item will be added to the ticket with the price shown as the price for a liter multiplied by actual selling portion. The sold amount will reduce stock for this liquid item.

Sales screen


2. Selling like composite item

If you sale by a particular set of liquid volumes (for example drinks in shots or pints) you can use composite items.
First, create the component of your liquid item in 'Item list', and set the amount of stock. If you don’t want to sale this component beside predefined sets, deselect the check-box ‘The item is available for sale’ so it will not be seen in the items list during sales.

creation the component of liquid item

Then create your set of liquid volumes from this component item. Each composed item should have quantity field filled in with the liquid volumes.

For example, you are selling Bier by glasses of volume 500 ml. Сreate composite item "Bier 0.5". Choose a component Bier, set the appropriate quantity. In this case, it is 0.5 L.

composed item

Then, with every sale of predefined sets of volume items, the stock of the component of the liquid item will be reduced by the sold amount.


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