How Loyverse CDS Customer Display Works

Please refer to the Loyverse CDS setup guide and make sure you Loyverse CDS app (Android or iOS) is configured correctly.

Now that you have Loyverse CDS setup, it will display order information from the ticket during sales.

At the right side of the screen, there is the ticket with the list of items. CDS will display modifiers, discounts, taxes applied to items as well as to full ticket.

Customer Display: ticket with items, Cds

At the left side of the screen the store and cashier names displayed and field that customer can fill in E-mail to receive e-receipt.

Customer Display: customer can fill in E-mail

If you have assigned a customer to a ticket, the CDS displays this customer name, bonus points balance and Email.

CDS information about signed in customer

If the ticket is too long, a customer can use a vertical scroll to look through all items.

Customer Display: vertical scrolling of ticket

After a customer has been charged, customer screen displays total value of payment and change.

screen displays total value of payment


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