Customer Display System Configuration Guide

This guide will show you how to configure Loyverse CDS. To learn more about working with Customer Display System, please read How Loyverse CDS Customer Display works.

The Loyverse CDS app lets you display itemized order information to your customers on a separate digital display without interrupting the payment flow in the Loyverse POS app.

1. Install Loyverse CDS app

Download the Loyverse CDS for iOS devices (the recommended version of iOS is 11.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) devices. Loyverse CDS app should be installed on a separate device from the one with the Loyverse POS app.

Launch the app, and you will see the Loyverse CDS welcome screen. The ‘IP Address’ and ‘Device name’ of your device will be displayed, which are the information needed for paring CDS with Loyverse POS.

Loyverse CDS welcome screen, Cds

2. Activate option for using CDS

Login to the Back Office, navigate to the Settings menu, Features section, and switch the ‘Customer displays’ slider on.

‘Use customer displays’ slider

Don’t forget to save changes.

3. Pair customer display with Loyverse POS

First, make sure that the mobile devices with Loyverse CDS and Loyverse POS are connected to the same Wi-Fi router and the same network.

Then launch Loyverse POS and go to Settings > Customer displays.

POS Settings

Tap the ‘+’ button to add a customer display.

the button to add a customer display

Enter your customer display name into the ‘Name’ field and tap the ‘Search’ button to search the network for available customer display device.

‘Search’ button to search a network for available customer display device

Select the appropriate customer display from the list of discovered devices, and click OK.

the list of discovered devices

If automatic discovery fails, you can enter the IP address of the customer display device manually. You can take the information about the IP address from the Loyverse CDS welcome screen.

‘Pair’ button

Then tap the ‘Pair’ button.

On the Loyverse CDS tablet, the invitation to pair CDS to POS will appear. Tap ‘Pair’ to confirm the connection.

the invitation to pair CDS to POS

If you see a screen with a blank ticket, then your customer display is paired with Loyverse POS.

a screen with blank ticket

At the Loyverse POS, the button ‘Pair’ will change to ‘Unpair’. Save your settings at Loyverse POS.

‘Unpair’ button

Now you can see your paired Customer Display on the list.

Customer Display on the list

In the same way, you can connect several CDS to the same POS.


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