How to Split an Open Ticket with Loyverse POS

Right now, this functionality only works on iOS devices. Will be available on android devices soon.

Splitting a ticket allows the cashier to separate its items into multiple new tickets. First, please be sure that the open ticket option is activated in the back office.

Once you have an open ticket when selling through the mobile application, click on the ‘Split ticket’ button by the three dots.

three dots  menu

the ‘Split ticket’ button

In the opened window, you can edit the name and comment of the ticket. Click 'OK' to go to the next step.

window to edit the name and comment of open ticket

Now you came to the ‘Split ticket’ screen with the original ticket on the left side and new ticket on the right. Tap to select the items that you want to move and click the button ‘Move here’ at new ticket.

‘Split ticket’ screen

Tap the + to add a new additional ticket, if needed. Newly split tickets are ordered numerically (1, 2, 3, etc.) You can create up to 20 tickets. Add items to each new ticket. Press the ‘Save’ button to save your tickets. Tickets without items will not be saved.

button + to add a new additional ticket,

Now you can work with your split open ticket as usual.  You can find new open tickets by clicking the ‘Open tickets’ button on the sale screen.

‘Open tickets’ button

Note: All modifiers, comments, discounts, and taxes applied to separate items will move to another ticket, together with their items.
‘Percentage’ discounts applied to the whole original ticket will be applied to all new tickets. ‘Amount’ discounts applied to the whole original ticket, you can move to any ticket in the same way as you move items.

If you have a printer connected, at the ‘Split ticket’ screen, you can print a bill for each ticket or bills for all tickets.

print bill menu


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