How to Merge Open Tickets with Loyverse POS


Merging tickets allows the cashier to combine items into one ticket. Please make sure that the open ticket option is activated in the Back Office.

1. Merging tickets in the open tickets list.

Go to open tickets list from the sale screen by clicking ‘Open tickets’.

‘Open ticket’ button

Mark the checkbox of the tickets you would like to merge, and then select the ‘Merge’ icon at the top right-hand corner.

‘Merge’ button


Select a name for the merged ticket and tap the ‘Merge’ button to save.

Selecting the merging ticket name

2. Merging tickets in the sale screen

You can merge open tickets directly from the sale screen.
Tap the ‘Merge ticket’ button by tapping the three dots.

three dots menu


In the open window, you can edit the name and comment on the ticket. Tap 'Save' to go to the next step.

window to edit name and comment of the ticket


Select the ticket(s) you would like to merge your ticket with, and press ‘Continue’ at the top right-hand corner.

Selecting the ticket to merge your ticket with


Select a name for the merged ticket and tap ‘Merge’ to save.

Selecting a name for the merged ticket

Now you can find your new ticket in the open ticket list.

Note: All modifiers, comments, discounts, and taxes applied to separate items will move to the merged ticket together with their items.

‘Percentage’ and ‘Amount’ discounts applied to whole tickets will be applied to the merged ticket.

If you have the predefined tickets option on, instead of ‘merge ticket’, it will say ‘Move ticket’. In the same way as merging, you can move your ticket to the other one.

‘Move ticket’ icon


‘Move ticket’ button

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