How to Export Data from Reports and Open in LibreOffice Calc or OpenOffice Calc

Select your Report in Back Office, in the “Reports” section. For example, view “Sales by category”.

sales by category

After selection of the required period, press the “Export” button.

export button

And enter your filename. Loyverse POS can export data in the CSV spreadsheet. Now you have the file saved in your computer. 

Next, you have to open your file trough LibreOffice Calc (or OpenOffice Calc).

libre office

In LibreOffice Calc, select ‘File - Open…’ (CTRL + O) and select your CSV file.

You will see a ‘Text Import’ window. You have to set up correct options to open the file.

text import window

In Separator Options, select “Separated by” and select checkbox “Comma”


As soon as you set up correct options, you will see table with your data in the preview window. 

correct data

Click “OK” botton to open file.

As a result you have opened the table with the exported sales report by category.

opened file