How to Sign out from Loyverse POS


Note! If you make sales and sign out while your device has been disconnected from the Internet (offline mode), you can lose your receipts.
So, before signing out from Loyverse POS
(Play Market or App Store), make sure that all your receipts have been transferred to the Back Office.

To do this, go to the ‘Receipts’ section.

 ‘Receipts’ section    Logout

If you see some receipts that are non-synchronized (sales that are made during the time when there was no Internet connection) and marked ‘Unsynced’, do not log out. Otherwise, your unsynced receipts will be lost.

warning message that receipts have not synced

Try to restore the Internet connection and get the list of all receipts synced.

To sign out from your account, go to Menu.

POS menu   Logout

Select ‘Settings’.

settings menu  Logout


Click ‘Sign out’ button.

exit button


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