How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers

The modifier is a set of options that can be applied to the items. They help to sell the same item with different options, such as fillings or toppings. With proper application, modifiers will simplify and accelerate the sales process, as well as provide information about which options are most often selected by clients.

Creation and set-up of modifier

In the back office at ‘Items’ menu click on ‘Modifiers’.

‘Modifiers’ at ‘Items’ menu

To create modifier click ‘+ Add modifier’ button.

‘+ Add modifier’ button

In the ‘Create modifier’ form enter the modifier name. Then fill in the ‘Option name’ and ‘Price’ fields. During a sale, the price of the applied option will be added to the item’s price. To create more options click ‘Add option’ button.

‘Create modifier’ form

Don't forget to save your modifier.

Now you have to assign modifiers to each item.
In the back office go to the ‘Item list’ and open the necessary item to edit. Find the Modifiers section. Activate those modifiers which you want to apply to this item when selling.

Modifiers section

Click ‘Save’.

Sales and reports

When selling from your mobile application, select the item with the modifier. A dialog box will open. Choose options of modifier you want to add to the item and click "OK".

Dialog box

An item with the selected options will appear on the ticket.

options at the ticket

Then carry out all the same steps as in usual selling. Taxes and discounts on goods are already calculated taking into account the modifiers added to them.

Modifiers do not have ‘Track stock’ option but you can check consumption of modifiers at Report section. Reports about modifiers you can find in the back office at the ‘Reports’ menu and ‘Sales by modifier’ section.

‘Sales by modifier’ section