How to Add Items in the Loyverse Back Office


It’s quick and simple to add items on the Loyverse POS on your mobile device. However, if you do this in the Back Office, you can have access to more features for the item.

Go to the 'Item list' menu.

Item list menu   Sku

In the Item list, click the ‘Add item’ button.

‘Add item’ button, modif, Modif

In the ‘Create item’ form, fill in the item ‘Name’ and choose the ‘Category’.

‘Create item’ form

If you deselect the checkbox, ‘The item is available for sale’ it will not be seen in the items list in Loyverse POS on a mobile device. This usually needed for composite item’s components.
Whether an item is sold by piece (bottle, package, etc.) or by weight (pound, kilogram, etc.), it is determined by the ‘Sold by’ option.

‘Create item’ form   sku

Fill in the ‘Price’ field with the selling price of your product. When you fill in the cost, later you can get useful reports about your profit, margin etc.

‘Create item’ form Price

The field SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is required. It is filled in automatically. However, you can indicate your own SKU. The main requirement is that the number must not be repeated in other items and should not exceed 40 characters. You can use numbers and letters as well.
Fill in Barcode, if necessary.

‘Create item’ form SKU

In the inventory section, you can choose the options: ‘Composite item’ and ‘Track stock’.

inventory section in Item form

By enabling ‘Track stock’ you can add the quantity of your stock level and the quantity at which you will receive the low stock notification.

enabling ‘Track stock’

If you have multiple stores, you can manage the item parameters for each store, in the ‘Stores’ section: change the price, in-stock quantity, and quantity for low stock notification.

Inventory at Multiple stores

In the ‘Tax’ section, you can choose the taxes for your item.

‘Tax’ section

In the ‘Modifiers’ section, you can choose the modifiers for your item.

‘Modifiers’ section

In the ‘Representation on POS’ section, you can pick a color and shape for the item icon or upload its’ picture.

‘Representation on POS’ section

Don’t forget to save changes.

Note: Loyverse uses only square images for item preview. If you upload an image with a different shape, you will have a dialog screen to crop the image to a square. Adjust the square to fit the portion of the image you wish to keep. Click the Confirm button.


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