Notification About Low Stock


Do you want to keep track of products with low stock directly from your back office? And even better - to receive an email notification that the stocks of a product are coming to an end? Loyverse POS gives you such opportunity. In addition, activation and the setting up of this function will take no time at all. You should complete just five simple steps.

1. Enter the “Item list” tab under the section "Items" in the back office. Select the necessary item.

2. Activate the option "Track inventory", if it has not yet been activated. Under "In stock", specify the item quantity that you have at the moment. In the field "Low stock" enter the quantity at which you would like to be notified about the low stock.

Notification about low stock

* A record for a composite product is not kept. But you can set this function for each of its components.

3. Go to the "Settings" section. The option "Receive email notifications about low stock of items” is activated by default. If you have disabled this before, activate it again. Select your timezone, and save your changes.

Notification about low stock

* Notification of low residue of item or its complete absence will come to you by email at 10:00 in the time of zone that you have specified. If there are no items with low stock, no notification will be sent to you.

4. To view the current level of stock is possible without waiting till 10:00 go to "Item list" from the "Items" section. Here you will see the number of stock of each item, in the card of which you have selected the function "Track inventory". If any item stock are low or it is not available at all, then next to the residue you will see a proper notification.

5. Additionally, you can use the filter "Stock level" in the top right corner of the screen. Just open it and select the option: "All items", "Low stock" or "Out of stock".

Notification about low stock

If you have questions about setting up the notifications about low stock, ask our support team using the online chat, or send us an email to