How to Add Items and Categories in Loyverse POS

Adding items

It's quick and simple to add items and categories in the Loyverse POS right from your smartphone or tablet.

Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (menu) button at the top left corner.

menu button at the POS

Next, select the ‘Items’ menu.

select 'Items' menu

Then tap the ⊕ (add) button at the bottom right corner.

tap the ⊕ (add) button

In the ‘Create item’ page, you can add details such as the ‘Item name’, ‘Price’, ‘Category’, and other details such as the SKU and Barcode, if necessary.

the ‘Create item’ page

You can pick a color and shape for the item icon or take/upload its picture to display it on the sales screen.

color and shape for the item icon

Don’t forget to save changes.

Adding Categories

When you sell different types of items, it is easier to categorize your items systematically.

You can add categories while adding the item, or you can go to the Categories page and follow these instructions:

In the ‘Items’ menu, tap the ‘Categories’ button. Tap the ⊕ (add) button at the bottom right corner.

'Add Category' button

Specify the category name, select a category color, and press the save button.

create category form

That’s it - now you are ready to start selling!

You can access extended item settings at your Back Office on the web.


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