How to Set Up a USB Printer with an iOS Device


For a USB printer to work with Loyverse POS on iOS, you will need the following:

  • iPad or iPhone with the Loyverse POS app
  • USB printer, supported by the Loyverse POS app on iOS devices (currently only supports Star TSP143IIIU (USB) and Star mc-Print3 (USB) models. Other USB printers will not work. See Supported Printers list)
  • Lightning cable - please use a genuine cable manufactured by Apple or one that is MFi-certified

Connect the Lightning cable to the USB Type-A port of the printer.

USB Type-A port of the printer

Connect the other end of the cable to the smartphone/tablet.

connecting Lightning cable

Then in the Loyverse POS app, go to Settings.

Settings at the POS

Create a printer by tapping on the ‘+’ button.

Adding new printer

Name your printer in the ‘Name’ field and select the model of your USB printer from the ‘Printer model’ list.

selecting the model of USB printer from the list

Tap the ‘Search’ button to search for your printer.

‘Search’ printer button

In the following pop-up window, you will see the search result with the printer model. Tap to select and close the window by tapping ‘OK’.

search result with the printer model

Tap the ‘Print test’ button to test your printer’s connection with the Loyverse POS app.

‘Print test’ button

If a test receipt prints out successfully, then your printer is set up correctly.

test receipt

Choose the settings for your printer depending on how you want to use it. Don't forget to save all of the settings at the end by tapping the ‘Save’ button.

printer settings

Now you can see your printer in the list. Nice work!

printer in the list


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