Supported Printers


Please pay attention not only to the printer model but also to the interface through which this model works. If some model of the printer works with one interface, it may not work through another interface.

Supported Printers for Android

Receipt printers compatible with Loyverse POS on Android devices:

  • Star TSP650II / TSP654IIBl (Bluetooth);
  • Star TSP 100 / TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet);
  • Star mc-Print3 (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet);
  • Star mPOP (Bluetooth);
  • Epson TM-m30 (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-m30II-SL (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-P20 (Bluetooth);
  • Epson TM-T20II (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-T88IV (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-T88V (Ethernet);
  • GP-L80250II (Ethernet);
  • GP-58130IIC (Ethernet, Bluetooth);
  • GP-U80300I (Ethernet);
  • Posiflex Aura 6900 (Ethernet);
  • Xprinter XP-Q200 (Ethernet);
  • XPrinter XP-Q800 (Ethernet);
  • EastRoyce ER-58A (Bluetooth);
  • EastRoyce ER-80A (Bluetooth);
  • Sam4s GIANT-100D (Ethernet, USB);
  • Seiko RP-F10 LAN (Ethernet);
  • Seiko MP-B20 (Bluetooth);
  • Seiko MP-B30 (Bluetooth);
  • Citizen CT-E651ET(Ethernet);
  • Citizen CT-E651BT(Bluetooth);
  • Bematech LR2000 (Ethernet).

However, for Android, you can try to connect another model, not from the Supported printers list. But be aware that not every printer may work with Loyverse POS!

How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS also works on Android POS terminals SunMi and iMin which have built-in receipt printers. 

Supported Printers for iOS

These are general requirements for a receipt printer to be compatible with Loyverse POS on iOS devices:

  • support ESC/POS protocol;
  • have Ethernet, Bluetooth, or USB (Bluetooth and USB only recommended models) interface.

Consult the printer manual or manufacturer's website to see if your receipt printer fits these requirements. If so, the printer may work with Loyverse POS, however, there might be special cases. To be 100% sure, please use a printer from the list of recommended models below:

  • Star TSP654IIBl (Bluetooth);
  • Star mPOP (Bluetooth);
  • Star TSP 100 (Ethernet);
  • Star TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet);
  • Star TSP654IILAN (Ethernet);
  • Star SP742 (Ethernet) Note: this is a matrix printer, it can print only kitchen orders and cannot print bills and receipts;
  • Star TSP143IIIU (USB);
  • Star mC-Print3 (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet);
  • Star SM-T300i (Bluetooth);
  • Star SM-S210i (Bluetooth);
  • Epson TM-T20II (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-T88VI-i (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-m30 (Ethernet, Bluetooth);
  • Epson TM-m30II-SL (Ethernet, Bluetooth);
  • Epson TM-P20 (Bluetooth);
  • Sam4s GIANT-100D (Ethernet);
  • Seiko RP-F10 LAN (Ethernet);
  • Citizen CT-E651ET(Ethernet).


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