Using Kitchen Printers with Loyverse POS



1. Configuring Loyverse Back Office
2. Setting Up the Loyverse POS App
3. How to reprint kitchen orders


Cafes and restaurants use kitchen printers to inform the cooking staff what to prepare from an order.

1. Configuring Loyverse Back Office

Log in to the Back Office, navigate to the Settings menu, Features section, and switch on the 'Kitchen Printers' slider.

switch on 'Use Kitchen Printers'

Click the Kitchen Printers menu and create a printer group.

'Add printer group' button

Give the printer group a meaningful name. A printer group typically corresponds to the printer location - bar, kitchen, kitchen station, etc. Therefore, the recommended practice is to use the printer location as the printer group name.

Tick item categories that should be included in this printer group and save your selection.

Tick needed item categories

2. Setting Up the Loyverse POS App

Using the Loyverse POS app (Play Market or App Store), assign an actual printer to a certain printer group.
Open the Settings menu and select the printer you will use to print the orders for the kitchen or add a new one. (How to set up Star ethernet printer in Loyverse POS)

Assign printer to printer group

select printer or add new one

Specify that this printer will print orders. Switch on “Print orders”, select the proper printer group, and save your settings.

Printer settings

Now, when a customer orders, the kitchen printer automatically produces a ticket with the list of items to prepare. If you use open tickets, the kitchen ticket will print as soon as you save the open ticket.

Kitchen Order

If you correct an open ticket by deleting or adding an item, the kitchen printer will print a corresponding ticket.

Kitchen Order Voided  Kitchen Order with new item

Sometimes, it is convenient to print each item in the order separately instead of having the whole order printed at once. To do that turn the toggle “Print single item per order ticket” on, and then each item in the order will be printed as a separate ticket.

Print single item per order ticket

You can reprint the kitchen orders. To do this, open the saved ticket and tap ‘Reprint order’ from the three dots menu.

‘Reprint order’ button

The kitchen printer will reprint the ticket with the mark ‘Reprint’.

Kitchen Order Reprinted

You can reprint the kitchen orders for 2 hours after closing the open ticket from the Receipts section.

Reprinting orders from Receipts section


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