Sales Report by Category in Loyverse POS

In the back office, go to the ‘Sales by category’ section.

sales by category

You will then see five different columns:
Category – List of categories.
Items sold – Number of times purchased per category.
Net sales – Category Revenue.
Cost of goods – Category costs.
Gross profit – Overall revenue minus costs.

sales table

You can also setup and customize more columns by clicking on three dots at the end of the column row.

customize columns

Then select your desired columns.

desired columns

You can also choose the specific time period from which to view data: today, yesterday, this week or this month.

time period

Or you can click the calendar icon for a more customized time.


Select the period and click ‘Confirm’.

If you want to have a report from some particular time span during each day, choose ‘Custom period’ option instead of ‘All day’ and set the start and end time.

‘Custom period’ option

If you have multiple stores you can see all of your sale reports by selecting a filter for all or selected stores.

multiple stores sale reports

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