How to Accept Credit Cards with Loyverse POS and SumUp


1. Connecting Card Reader

2. Processing Payments

3. Reports


Loyverse POS merchants can accept credit card payments via SumUp and available to customers in 30+ countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States.

Before connecting a card reader, you have to create an account in SumUp and receive the device. Integration with Loyverse POS works on SumUp Air 1E000, Solo, and Solo+Printer card readers.

1. Connecting Card Reader

1.1. Creating a payment type

Log in to the Back Office, click the ‘Settings’ menu and then ‘Payment types.' Click the ‘Add payment type’ button to add a new type of payment.

Payment types button

In the Add Payment Type window, select a ‘SumUp’ payment type from the drop-down list and tap ‘Connect account’ button.

'Add Payment Type' window

Enter Email and Password from your SumUp account.

login to SumUp account

Accept permissions request by clicking on ‘authorize’ button.

permissions request

You will see the connected account message, click ‘Save’ button.

connected account message

For the card readers Solo and Solo+Printer, remember to switch on the Bluetooth connection in the device settings.


1.2. Connecting with iOS devices

Then launch Loyverse POS and go to Settings > Payment Types.

Settings menu

Tap the ‘Sumup’ button for account settings.

Tap the ‘Sumup’ button

In the ‘Payment methods’ screen, select your card reader for set up.

‘Air’ button

The application will start searching for SumUp card readers.

searching for SumUp card readers

The application will show the last three digits of the found device. Tap ‘Connect’ button.

‘Connect’ button

The application will ask you to confirm the pairing request on your card reader by pressing ‘OK’ button.

sumup settings

After you complete the request, you will see information that the card reader is connected. Tap ‘Done’ button.

card reader is connected

Now you are ready to accept card payments.

1.3. Connecting with Android devices

To connect SumUp card reader to Android devices, make a test sale and select Sumup payment type.

You will see an invitation to download the Sumup app. Tap ‘Download app’ button.

invitation to download Sumup app

You will be redirected to Google Play to SumUp app. Install the app to your device and launch it.
Note: For using the SumUp App on Android devices, the required operating system is Android 8.0 or higher.

SumUp app in Google Play

You will see the welcoming screen of SumUp app. Tap the ‘Get Started’ button.

welcoming screen of SumUp

Enter Email and Password from your SumUp account.

authorisation in SumUp

You will see an invitation to make a payment through SumUp app.

make payment through SumUp app

Now you can close this app and go to accept payments through Loyverse POS.

Note: SumUp works only with mobile devices which turned on geolocation.

2. Processing Payments


Add items to the ticket and press ‘Charge.’

Select the SumUp payment type.

SumUp payment type

Loyverse POS will wait for a response from the card reader, and you will see an invitation to tap, insert or swipe a card on the card reader.

tap, insert or swipe card

Tap, insert, or swipe a customer's card on the card reader. If the card needs the pin entry, give the card reader to a customer to do that. If a card needs a signature, let the customer sign on the iPad’s screen.

customer sign on the iPad’s screen
Tap ‘Pay’ button.

If the transaction is successful, Loyverse POS will display the final screen with the paid amount.

successful transaction

In case of an error in the transaction, Loyverse POS will show an error message.

error in the transaction message

Tap ‘Dismiss’ button, and you will return to selecting payment type screen. You can ask the customer to choose a different type of payment (for example ‘Cash’) or try another card.


You can only refund the whole amount of card transaction. The card reader is not used in the refund process.

At Loyverse POS go to ‘Receipts’ menu, and tap the needed receipt.

Tap ‘Refund’ button.

‘Refund’ button

Select all items of the card payment from the left ticket to move them to the right-side ‘Refund receipt’ list and tap ‘Refund’ button.

Refund receipt paid with sumup

3. Reports

You can view the total number of transactions performed with the SumUp payment type. In the back office, select the ‘Sales by payment type’ report.

‘Sales by payment type’ report


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