How to Delete Loyverse Account


The owner can delete the Loyverse account at the Back Office in account settings.

To access the account settings, click on the ‘Account’ button in the Back Office's main menu.

‘Account’ button in the Back Office's main menu

Click on the ‘Delete’ button in the ‘Delete account’ row.

Delete button in the ‘Delete account’ row.

Enter the owner password from the Loyverse account and click on ‘Continue.’

owner password form

Loyverse will give you a small questionnaire to understand the reason for the deletion.

deleting account questionnaire

Confirm deletion with the check box and click on the ‘Delete account' button.

‘Delete account' button

Note: Deleting the account will permanently remove all your sales data, account setting, and all entities, such as items, discounts, taxes, customers, etc. If you want to keep this information, export your data before deleting your account.
Deleting the account will also unsubscribe from all paid services and email newsletters.


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