How to Create and Configure Discounts

You can create and configure discounts at the back office and on the mobile App.

Discount set up in the back office

Log in to the back office. In the ‘Items’ menu section, select ‘Discounts’.

‘Discounts’ the ‘Items’ menu section

To create a discount click on the ‘+ ADD DISCOUNT’ button.


Fill in the field ‘Name’. You can choose one from two discount types: ‘Percentage’ and ‘Amount’. The ‘Percentage’ discount can be applied both to the whole ticket or to separate items. The ‘Amount’ discount is applicable only to the ticket.

Create discount form

Fill in the field ‘Value’. If you choose the ‘Percent’ type of discount, then the number in the ‘Value’ field will specify the percentage of the reduction to the items’ original price. The value of a percentage discount cannot be less than 0.01% or more than 100%.
If you choose the ‘Amount’ type of discount, then the number in the ‘Value’ field will specify a discount amount that will reduce the receipt’s total value.

It is not always necessary to fill in the field ‘Value’. You may specify the value of a discount during the sale. But you can apply such a discount only to the whole ticket.

If the “Restricted access” option is activated, then only employees with the access right, will be able to apply this discount.

‘Restricted access’ option

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Discount set up in the mobile application

To create, view, edit or remove a discount, select section "Items" in the App's menu.

section ‘Items’ in the App's menu

Go to the ‘Discounts’ section where you will see all discounts created in the back office and the app itself. If you want to create one more discount, tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom right corner.

‘Discounts’ section

In the opened form, fill in the fields in the same way as in the back office. Choose the discount type: percent – %, or amount – ∑.

Create discount form in the app

Don’t forget to save changes.

Then, after you have created the discounts, you can apply them during the sale.