Negative Stock Alerts

Negative stock alerts inform the cashier about insufficient stock of the item when he/she tries to sell more than what is available. It protects you against a negative stock in your inventory.

Please be sure that the ‘Track stock’ option is activated for those items which you want to receive alerts for.

In order to use this feature, log in to your Back Office and go to Settings.
Switch on ‘Negative stock alerts’ in the Features section. Click the ‘Save’ button.

‘Negative stock alerts’ in the General Settings

With this feature enabled, the system will show an alert about insufficient stock when the quantity of an item in the ticket is more than the current quantity in stock. Also, the system will show you the quantity that is available for sale if the stock of this item is more than 0.
Alerts work for composite items as well.

alert about insufficient stock

The warning is also displayed in the editing dialog of the item added to the ticket.

The warning in the editing dialog of the item

Cashiers can reduce the quantity of an item in the ticket and tap the Save button if the stock of the item is more than 0.
When a cashier taps the Charge button, the system will show a notification one more time.

Negative inventory alert

The cashier can still proceed to sell an item by tapping ‘Continue’.

Note: Warnings are displayed only when there is Internet access and are not displayed in offline mode.


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