Dining Options

Dining options allow you to note whether customers are dining in, taking their order out, or requesting delivery.

1. Configuration of Dining Options

Login to the Back office, navigate to the Settings menu, Features section, and switch the ‘Dining options’ slider on.

switch on ‘Dining options’

Don’t forget to save changes.

After that in the Settings menu ‘Dining option’ section appears. There are default presets for three of the most common types of options: ‘Dine in’, ‘Takeout’ and ‘Delivery’.

three most common types of options

You can edit these options by clicking on them or create new by clicking on ‘Add dining option’ button.

edit or add option

Don’t forget to save changes.

Click and drag four line pictogram to change an order of the options. The first option will be used by default.

Click and drag four line pictogram to change an order of the options

If you have multiple stores, you can manage the dining options for each store.

dining options of multiple stores

2. Using Dining Options during Sale

During sales at the ticket, you can see dining options line with the default option.

dining option at the ticket

If you tap on this line, you can see the drop-down menu with all dining options. Choose needed one.

menu with all dining options

Dining options will be shown on the printed receipt.

Dining options on the printed receipt

As well as at the bill if you print one.

Dining option will be shown in the e-receipt, sent to customers email.

Dining option in the e-receipt

You can see dining option line in the receipts information at the Back Office or Loyverese POS app (Android and iOS).

dining option information at the Back Office


Also, dining option information will appear at the receipts information on CDS and at the tickets when using kitchen printers and KDS.

dining option information at KDS


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