How to Create, Activate, Deactivate and Delete POS


1. How to Create new POS
2. How to Activate POS
3. How to Deactivate POS
4. How to delete POS

1. How to Create a new POS

At the Back Office, you can add a new POS in the 'POS devices' section.

'POS devices' section

In the ‘Create POS’ form insert the Field Name and select the Store where it will work. Don't forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

‘Create POS’ form

2. How to Activate POS

After you create a new POS at the Back Office, it will appear in the list of your POS devices, with the status ‘Not Activated’.

POS at the list

To activate it you have to log in to your new POS on your mobile device with the E-mail and password of the store owner. After that, the owner can switch the user account to a different employee.

login to your new POS

Afterwards, in your Back Office, the new POS will change its status to Activated.

status 'Activated'

3. How to Deactivate POS

Such a situation may occur when the mobile device with the Loyverse POS app is lost or broken. Deactivation means disconnecting the Loyverse POS app on the device from the Loyverse account and back office.
Note: After deactivation, all unsynced data on the Loyverse POS app will be lost.
At the Edit POS card of an activated POS, click on the ‘Deactivate’ icon in the Status field.

‘Deactivate’ icon

Confirm your intention by clicking on the ‘Deactivate’ button in the dialog window.

Confirm your intention

After that, the status of the POS will be changed to ‘Not Activated’ and you can log in to this POS on a new device.

4. How to delete POS

Important! Before deleting your POS from the Back Office: close all open tickets and close shift in your POS on the Mobile device.
Also, make sure that all sale records made on the Mobile device have been synchronized with the Back Office. To do this, at the Back Office, open your ‘Receipts’ list and check your receipts. Click on the receipt and after it opens at the right check the POS name. If you have any missing receipts, connect your mobile device to the Internet and all data from your POS will be synchronized with the Back Office.

check your receipts

To delete POS, find it in the ‘POS devices’ list, enter it for editing, and click the trash icon.

delete POS

In the pop-up window, confirm your intentions by clicking on ‘OK’ button.

confirm your intentions

After you delete your POS at the back office, you will still have all of the receipts created on this POS, if they were synchronized before the deletion. However, this POS will be deactivated on the device.

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