Setting Up Your Shop in Loyverse Back Office

The Back Office is your web-based office, working in synchronization with the Loyverse POS App (Play Market or App Store).

Once you have installed the Loyverse POS app, the next step is to go to your shop settings in the Back Office.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using Back Office.

You can log in to the Back Office from the Loyverse home page by clicking ‘SIGN IN’.

login to Loyverse Back office  Language

Enter the registered email and password.

enter password

Click on the Settings icon on the left menu to go to the System settings.

System settings

In the ‘Features’ section, you can switch on parameters such as ‘Shifts’, ‘Time clock’, ‘Open tickets’, ‘Kitchen printers’, ‘Customer displays’, ‘Dining options’, ‘Low stock notifications, 'Negative stock alerts', 'Weight embedded barcodes'.

Features in General settings

Once the profile settings are complete, press ‘Save’.

Store Information

When you click ‘Stores’ in Settings, you can enter your shop’s address, description, and phone number.


If you have more than one store, you can add them too.

add store

If you have more than one register, you can add a register in ‘POS devices’ under the ‘Stores’ section as well. Remember to click ‘Save’.

POS devices

add POS device

After you finish setting up your shop in the Back Office, you can go to the Loyverse POS App to add products, make sales, and continue your business momentum!

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