Using Time Clock to Track Employees Hours


This feature allows employees to clock in/out and calculates their total work hours.

1. Configuration

Login to the back office, navigate to the Settings menu, scroll to General Settings and switch the ‘Time clock’ slider on.

switched on ‘Time clock’ Pin

Don’t forget to save changes.

The time clock feature requires authentication by PIN. Set your PIN to enter Loyverse POS app if you have not.


2. Using at POS

At the Loyverse POS app tap the ‘Time clock’ button in the top right of the login screen.

‘Time clock’ button at the login screen

Enter PIN-code on the number pad.

the number pad


Then ‘Clock In’ and ‘Clock Out’ buttons become active.

Active ‘Clock In’ and ‘Clock Out’ buttons

Tap ‘Clock In’ button to start tracking hours and record a time punch.

‘Clock In’ button

Then you will see information about the clock in time.

information about the clock in time
Tap to ‘Go to POS’ button to go to the sale screen of the app or back arrow to come back to login screen.

After finishing work go to ‘Time clock’ screen, tap ‘Clock Out’ button to record a time punch.

 ‘Clock Out’ button

Then you will see information about clock out time.

information about clock out time

Tap to ‘OK’ button.


3. Reports at the Back Office

There are two sections in 'Employees' menu connected to Clock in/Clock out option: ‘Timecards’ and ‘Total hours worked’.

‘Timecards’ and ‘Total hours worked’ sections at the menu


‘Total hours worked’ section shows summary report of each employee in the chosen period.

‘Total hours worked’ section

At the ‘Timecards’ section you can see the list of timecards.

 ‘Timecards’ section

You can correct the current timecard or create a new one by clicking on ‘Add Timecard’ button. Total hours are automatically calculated based on clock in and clock out time.
Note! The decimal in ‘Total Hours’ shows a fraction of an hour, not minutes.

timecard creation

Don’t forget to save changes.


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