How to Change/Recover Your Password for the Back Office


To change or recover your password, go to your Back Office login form: and click "Forgot password?".

Back office login

Type your Email into the Reset password form and press ‘Send’.  

Recover password email field

Now check the password recovery instructions which are sent to your email. Sometimes emails are filtered as spam, so if it’s missing from your inbox, try the spam folder. Once you’re in the email, click on the ‘Create a new password’ link.

email with Recovering password

The link brings you to a Set new password form with two password fields. Type your password twice to confirm, then click ‘Change password’.

Recover password emails

You’ll then be referred to the Back Office.

Note: After changing password, all the active connection to the Back Office and Dashboard app will be logout and you have to login again with a new password.


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