How to Set the Currency

By default, the system sets the currency of the account depending on the country of registration. The owner of the account can change it. 
Click on the ‘Account’ button in the Back Office's main menu.

Account button in the Back Office

Select the needed currency in the ‘Currency’ field. 

Currency field in the account settings

Do not forget to save changes.
Note: Changing the currency will also set the corresponding currency format (with decimals or without decimals and form of decimal separator) for the account. 

Now you can see the currency symbol or name in the Reports sections of the Back office. 

currency symbol in the Reports sections

And also in the price and cost fields in the Back office. 

currency symbol in the price and cost field

The currency symbol will also be shown with all monetary values in the POS, Dashboard, and CDS.

currency symbol at O

And on the printed receipts and bills.

The currency symbol at receipt

Note: If you change the currency of the account, you have to sign out from Loyverse POS and then sign in again to apply the changes on each POS.


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