How to Manage PIN Code Access

PIN code is used for access to the Loyverse POS. The panel for entering PIN appears during each entry to the POS.

The panel for entering PIN

The PIN code is a 4-digit number unique for each Loyverse POS user - owner and employee and has an identification purpose.

The PIN access is set when adding a new employee

How to find and change the PIN

After logging in to Back Office, go to the ‘Employee list’ in the ‘Employees’ section.

Employee list in the Employees section

Select the employee that you want to manage the PIN.

Employee form

In the POS PIN field, you can see the current employee’s PIN. You can change it if needed. 

Note: Any action with a PIN code can be done only by the owner or employees who have access to Back Office to the corresponding section.

POS PIN field

Don’t forget to save your changes.

How to remove the PIN

It is possible to enter POS without a PIN code only when there are no other users besides the owner. If you have at least one employee or the "Timeclock feature" enabled, the PIN code is obligatory for each user.

In the Edit Employee form of the owner, tap the ‘Disable PIN Code’ button.

Disable PIN Code button

Confirm the disabling in the dialog window.

Disabling PIN dialog window

At any time, you can restore the PIN code access for the owner through the ‘Add PIN code’ button.

Add PIN code button

Don’t forget to save your settings. 

Suggestions: Change your PINs regularly to increase the security of your data. 


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