How to Give Employees Access to Login into Loyverse POS through E-mail


1. Make access rights for group

Go to ‘Access rights’ menu at ‘Employee' section in the Back Office.

Access rights

Choose an existing group with your employees or create a new role.

create a new role

Switch on ‘Back office’ option and check in box ‘Manage POS devices’.

Manage POS devices

2. Assign employee to the group

Go to the ‘Employee list’ in the ‘Employees’ section.

Employee list

Create Employee by clicking on the 'ADD EMPLOYEE" button. If you have created employee before, open it for editing.


At the ‘Edit employee’ window fill in employee's name, email address, phone number and the role (the group that you created in the first step).

Edit employee

3. Creating password by employee

The employee will receive Email with an invitation to obtain access to the Back Office. He or she should click the ‘Create an account’ button.

Create an account

The employee will be redirected to the Back office form, so he/she has to fill in a password to create an account.

fill in a password
When the employee enters the back office, it means the account is created.

employee enters the back office

If you don’t assign to this employee group any other access rights, then your employee will not see and manage any other information in the Back Office except POS devices.

4. Login into Loyverse POS

Now an employee can login into Loyverse POS at the mobile device with his/her E-mail and password, created at the previous step.

 login into Loyverse POS


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