Receipts Section in the Reports in the Back Office


In the back office, go to the ‘Receipts’ section in the ‘Reports’ menu.

‘Receipts’ section in the ‘Reports’ menu

You can choose the desired period for the report with the time selectors at the top of the page.
There is also an overview of different receipt types at the top of the page: ‘all receipts,’ ‘sales,’ ‘refunds’ and ‘loyalty’ program. If you click on any of these buttons, only this type of receipt will display on the list.

‘Receipts’ section

If you move the cursor over each receipt, it will highlight the entire row. If you click on it, the receipt details will appear on the right side of the screen.

the receipt details

You can export specific receipt types for the desired period in CSV file by clicking on the ‘Export’ button.

‘Export’ button

After you download the file to your computer, you can open it in Google Sheets.

open it in Google Sheets

You can filter or sort your sales by certain parameters, for example, See the Purchase History of Registered Customers.

sorting sales by parameters


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