How to See the Purchase History of Registered Customers

After you have set up the customer loyalty program which connects sale records to customers, you may also want to see the purchase history of your regular customers. Unfortunately, there is no such report in the back office that only shows the customers' sales history.
However, you can manually generate such information by filtering the ‘Receipts’ report. After exporting the report and opening it as a sheet, you can filter the customers.

In the back office, go to the ‘Receipts’ section.

 ‘Receipts’ section in the reports menu

Choose the desired period for the report. Export your receipts for the desired period in CSV file by clicking on the ‘Export’ button.

‘Export’ button in the Receipt section


Open the file in Google Sheets.

CSV file with Receipts opened in Google Sheets.

Find and select the column ‘Customer name’ and apply a filter to it.  

Filter button in the Google Sheets

Then, click on the filter icon in the column name, select only the desired customer from the list of customers and apply the filter by clicking the ‘OK’ button.

selecting the desired customer

When the filter is applied, you can see purchases made by that specified customer.

apply the filter to the Customer Name column


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