How to Use Paid Services of Loyverse POS

1.Adding payment method

Login to the back office, click on ‘Billing’ button on the Settings menu.
Click on ‘Add payment method’ button to add your card information.

‘Add payment method’ button

Fill in all fields and click on ‘Save’ button. All the data will be verified, and if there is something incorrect, a popup message will show you what to correct.

payment method form

If all data is correct, your card will appear as a payment method.

connected card as a payment method


2.Subscription to employee management

When you add a new employee to the ‘Employee list’ section, the pop-up window will appear to inform you about the subscription conditions. Click on ‘Subscribe’ button to start a subscription.

Subscription to employee management

At the ‘Billing’ section in the ‘Subscriptions’ box, you can see information about your subscription for employee management.

information about subscription for employee management

If you add an employee before entering payment method, click on ‘Continue’ button. You will be redirected to the card information form.

 ‘Continue’ button when adding employee


3.Subscription for premium support

Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button at the ‘Premium support’ line to start a subscription.

‘Subscribe’ button at the ‘Premium support’ line


At the pop-up window choose the desired subscription plan.

subscription plan

At the ‘Subscription’ box you will see information about your active subscription for premium support.

information about active subscription

4. Payments for subscriptions

Now all payments for your subscribed plans would be automatically charged from your bank card connected to your ‘Payment method’.
All your payment history, as well as warnings about failed payments, will be shown in the ‘Invoices’ box of the ‘Billing’ section.

Payments for subscriptions

Note: There is a 30-day trial period for employee management. After that, you will be charged $5/month per employee. You may also be charged VAT if your billing country is in the EU. You can cancel your employee management subscription at any time by deleting extra employees at the ‘Employee list’ section. If you delete employee before ending of paid period, you cannot refund this money or transfer them to another employee.


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