How to Work with Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustment functionality allows you to modify the stock of items and indicate the reason for that adjustment.

Stock Adjustments is a part of the Advanced inventory management and are available only to those users who have subscribed to this functionality.

Go to ‘Stock adjustments’ section in the ‘Inventory management’ menu.

‘Stock adjustments’ section

To create an adjustment, click ‘+ Add stock adjustment’ button.

‘+ Add stock adjustment’ button

The form ‘Create stock adjustment’ will open for editing.

form ‘Create stock adjustment’

From the drop-down menu, select the reason for the adjustment and choose the store.

reason for the adjustment

You can make notes for your adjustment in the ‘Notes’ field.

In the Items section, add the items you are adjusting from your items list.

If you have chosen ‘Receive Items’ as the adjustment reason, fill in the ‘Add stock’ and ‘Cost’ fields for each item.

‘Receive Items’ reason

If you have chosen ‘Inventory count’ as the adjustment reason, fill in the ‘Counted stock’ field for each item.

‘Inventory count’ reason

If you have chosen ‘Loss’ or ‘Damaged’ as the adjustment reason, fill in the ‘Remove stock’ field for each item.

‘Loss’ reason

Click the ‘Adjust’ button to complete the adjustment.

Afterwards, the stock of the adjusted items will be changed. You will see the stock adjustment details.

stock adjustment details

Under the ‘More’ menu you can find ‘Save as PDF’ and ‘Save as CSV’ options to do with the document.

You can see the list of all adjustments as shown below.

list of all adjustments


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