How to Print Bill

The bill printing option works when the ‘Open tickets’ function is activated in the Features section of Settings in the Back Office. Also, make sure the receipt printer is paired with your Loyverse POS  (How to Set Up Ethernet Printer in Loyverse POS ).

While selling on the mobile application, once you have formed a ticket, in the top right corner, press the three dots and select the 'Print bill' button from the drop-down menu.

'Print bill' button in the drop-down menu

The system will allow you to edit the name of the ticket and add a comment. The bill will be printed after you tap the ‘Save’ button.

‘Save’ button for printing bill

If you have the predefined ticket functionality on, you have to select one from the predefined ticket list. After this, the ticket will be saved with the chosen name, and the bill will be printed.

predefined ticket list


There are some differences between the look of the bill and the receipt:

  • The Bill has the title BILL at the top, while the receipt does not have it

  • The bill does not have a number, which is on the bottom of the receipt

  • The bill has the "Amount due" line as a summarizing amount of items, while the receipt has "Total”

  • The bill does not have the type of payment line as the receipt


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