How to Cancel Receipts

Cancellation of receipts is necessary when a sale/refund was made by mistake or for a test. When you cancel a receipt, it will not be accounted for in the reports, and all items will be returned to stock.

In the Back Office, go to the ‘Receipts’ section in the ‘Reports’ menu.

 the ‘Receipts’ section in the ‘Reports’ menu.Reset, delete,test sales

Click on the receipt that you want to cancel to see the receipt details. Click on the three dots menu in the upper right corner.

the three dots menu in the receipts details 

Click on the “Cancel receipt” button.

the “Cancel receipt” button

Confirm cancellation in the dialog screen.

cancellation in the dialog screen

Now, this receipt is marked as cancelled in the receipts list.

cancelled receipt in the receipts list, Delete

And in the receipt details, you can see who cancelled it and when it was cancelled.

receipt details

Сancellation of receipts can be performed by users with “Cancel receipts” rights. By default, this right is set for Owner and Administrator groups.

“Cancel receipts” rights


After the cancellation of the receipt:

  • Amounts from cancelled receipts are not taken into account when calculating data in reports in the Back Office.
  • Amounts from cancelled receipts are not taken into account in both the current and closed shifts.
  • The quantity of sold items is returned to the stock, but when cancelling a refund receipt, the quantity of items is deducted from the stock.

The cancellation of a receipt cannot be reversed.
You cannot cancel the receipt that was fully or partially refunded without the cancellation of the refund receipt first.
In case of cancellation of the receipts with integrated card payments, funds will not be returned to the customer’s card.